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by Herbert Straub last modified 2008-03-11 08:05

Spamass-milter connects Sendmail with SpamAssassin.


Spamass-milter is a little plugin for the Sendmail Milter (Mail Filter) library that pipes all incoming mail (including things received by rmail/UUCP) through the SpamAssassin, a highly customizeable SpamFilter. Read more on the Spamass-milter project homepage

This project collect patches and improvments to meet my requirements. I hope this patches go in the future into the main project. This project comes with a enhenced debian package for Ubuntu Dapper Drake, but can be used also on other versions.

Internal Network improvment

  • Can deal with internal networks, for example, the inner mail server. If the mail is sent from the internal mail server, then spamass-milter can be configured to doesn't change anything in the message. But if the Spamcount greater than x, then the message is rejected, with an alternative rejecttext. New options: R, s, S, ,n, o, O. See patch #5342 on the Spamass-milter homepage.
  • Returns customizeable reject text, see the Patch Manager Item #5189
  • Alternativ reject text for internal networks

See the patch

Authenticated Users improvment

Involving SMTP Auth connections from dynamic ip addresses leads to various SpamAssassin "false positives". See the SpamAssassin Dynablock Issues for details. This requires particular informations for SpamAssassin from spamass-milter. I extend the function of spamass-milter to allow SpamAssassin using the authenticated bits informations. This patch to the work.

Debian package improvment

  • Can deal with /var/run on tempfs, see Debian Bug #373812 and be LSB conform, see the pach
  • Modified default file, see the patch
  • Apply all changes in form of patches, with the cdbs system


Browse the product directory


The Debian package for Ubuntu Feisty can be downloaded from: archive


Add the following two lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:

    deb feisty universe
    deb-src feisty universe

The archive is digitaly signed and you can add my public key to your apt system in the following way:

    apt-key add

and install the binary package:

    apt-get install spamass-milter

or get the source:

    apt-get source spamass-milter

Errors and Improvments

If you find any error, please let me know and send a mail to

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